Special Sessions

This year, ARC is organizing 2 separate Workshops (For Deadlines: Check Call for Papers). These Workshops will be categorized as follows:

1. Near- and in-Memory Computing

Memory bandwidth, delay and size are the bounds of efficient computation in modern workloads. On the other hand, reconfigurable hardware architectures, such as FPGAs and CGRAs offer flexible and dedicated hardware resources, which can be exploited for optimal usage and organization of memory accesses. Therefore, the concepts of Near- and In-Memory-Computing utilizing reconfigurable hardware architectures can help to overcome this performance gap. Moreover, researchers are tasked with the exploitation of unique properties of emerging memory technologies, including HBM, RRAM and PCM, and the reevaluation of using existing memory technologies such as DRAM, SRAM and Flash. Emerging memory technologies empower novel methods of memory access that future architectures should utilize. We want to unite experts on FPGA-based hardware designs with experts on memory technologies to propose new ways of combining reconfigurable computing with novel memory technologies and discuss the future of modern computation.

Special Session Chairs:

Marc Reichenbach, Chair of Computer Engineering, Brandenburg University of Technology – Cottbus Senftenberg
Mladen Berekovic, Universit├Ąt zu L├╝beck

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2. Collaborative European funded projects: Challenges, Technologies and Impact

The main goal of this Special Session is to become a forum where the ARC participants will be informed about the current and future scientific and industrial priorities of European consortia. The session will combine completed, running and recently-started projects and the authors should present mature results, well-established methodologies and design strategies taking into account the features of the reconfigurable technologies.

The papers need to present research results from ongoing or recently completed European projects (e.g., Horizon Europe, H2020, ECSEL, ESA). The focus is on Reconfigurable computing technologies, platforms and ecosystems that facilitate development and deployment of digital systems and services. The papers of interest should describe implementations with reconfigurable computing technologies in several application domains and market sectors (e..g, 5G/5G, finance, space, automotive, industry 4.0, cloud/edge computing platforms, IoT platforms). Submitted papers should elaborate on collaborative work undertaken to address the aforementioned fields.

Special Session Chair:

Dimitrios Soudris, MICROLAB, NTUA Microprocessors Laboratory & Digital Systems Laboratory, Athens, Greece

This session can be subscribed to, using the following EasyChair conference registration tool [External Link]: